Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Raising Girlies

J.K. Rowling-- Amen. Love this.

I absolutely love this!!!!! I came across this a few weeks ago and couldn't help but feel it was speaking to me!  The job of raising girls in this world is so very scary.  They are not blessed with a gene pool where they will not have to watch what enters their mouths.  They will every single day of their life.  I cringe at the thought someone ever tells them they are not beautiful or fat.  I want them to know that they are amazing creatures with strength that could move mountains and eyes as blue as the sea.  Their hair as beautiful as a strawberry and as deep dark as a bar of chocolate.  I want them to know that their worth is not determined by what size pants they wear. I want them to embrace their curves, their odd shaped toes, their short finger nails and be strong.  I want my girls to understand how truly wonderful they are and how each one lights up a room when they walk in just with their smile.  I want them to look at themselves and say "I am an amazing girl that can rock whatever I put my mind to!"

I also realize I have to be the mother that instills that in them.  They have to see me loving myself and all that I am.  They have to see me taking care of my body and feeling beautiful myself.  That job is not always easy.  Even at 38 I find myself struggling with my own body image.  That's what scares me the most.  It has been there since I can remember.  Growing up around others that referred to me as a butterball or big boned, leaves an impression to this day.  But I also know I have to start accepting myself as myself and love all that I am.  

That will help my girls to love who they are. And they are so cool and so funny and so silly and so kind when no one is looking and so unique and so competitive and so stylish and so fabulous in their own way!  I don't want them to lose that ever!  

So here is my challenge...
                  I am going to encourage them to be healthy, fit, unique, smart, capable, independent, kind, and loving.  I am going to give them the time to become who they are and find out that life is tough, but they can prevail and be amazing.  I am going to watch them be successful and happy.  I am going to encourage them to embrace their bodies and love every inch of themselves.  And I am going to teach them to accept nothing but the best for themselves and to not allow others to ever bring them down.  I am going to tell them everyday how smart, kind and wonderful they are.  My girls will know who the Greek goddesses are and realize that is what a beautiful, healthy body looks like.  They will know that they are perfect creatures created by God for this world!  

I am so lucky to have my girls and I am so blessed to be given this job of being their mother and raising them to take this world by storm!!!!!

Girl Power all the way!!!!!!!!!

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