Friday, November 22, 2013

Simple Rules

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So I have been thinking a lot about my life lately and how I am choosing to live it these days.  As I was thinking, I realized that my life is worth so much more than I am allowing it to be.  I realized I am allowing myself to be unhappy and worry about things I have no control over.  Control, such a hard thing to let go of and admit really that we don't have control.  When it comes down to it, we have to just accept what comes and realize that life goes on and that control doesn't exist.  

Which leads me to these 5 simple rules I came across the other day.  Notice that Simple is in the title, but how often to we ever refer to things as simple or much less allow them to be that, Simple!

1.  Free your heart from hatred.
                   Easier sad than done, right?  It should be, why hate, why carry hate in our hearts.  It is so much work to hate and be angry.  It hurts our whole bodies and souls.  It sucks the life out of who we are and makes us become someone we really are not.  I realized that I carry hate around in my heart and it does make me be someone I don't like.  I am not a hateful person nor do I like the feeling of my heart weighted down.  I am letting hate go, it will be hard and a struggle, but why waste my life and time on hating, it is not who I am and it is not who I want to be

2.  Free your mind from worries.
                   Oh man is this a tough one.  I worry so much about so many different things every second of every day.  Worry consumes me many a days and I have to tell myself to just let it go and give it up to the higher power.  To not worry for a day would be so glorious.  To be free and allow myself to just roll with the punches.  My goal is to achieve this a little at at time.  Worry when it is absolutely needed and allow the other small things to play out in their own time.  Worry less and enjoy the life and people in it.  Good luck to me on this one!!!

3.  Live Simply.
                     This one I feel I have down.  I am a simple person and live a very simple life.  I am ok with that.  I want my children to realize that life can be simple and that can be wonderful.  I want to live each day with the realization that everything I have is a gift for me to cherish.  Love the simple moments with my kids, husband and friends and allow myself to be ok with the fact that I am simple and my life is simple.  It is a good thing!

4.  Give More.
                   This one had me stumped at first.  You see, I feel like I give a lot of myself on a daily basis and spread myself quite thin, yet I don't ever give myself enough credit for that.  I sell myself short or feel like I could have done more.  I question my choices and wonder if there is something else I could of done.  I often feel guilty not giving more at my children's school, or my church or to my teams I coach.  I feel guilty I don't have the money to be giving to other and buying gifts for every occasion.  But that's not what its about anyway.  Giving more means thinking of others before yourself and allowing yourself to give more to yourself too.  I will work on this area and realize that giving more doesn't always mean money or gifts, but more of my love, time and understanding to those I lose patience with or judge to quickly.  I will give more of myself to being a better person, friend, wife, mother and friend.

5.  Expect Less.
                        My mother use to say do things for others because you want too, not because you expect something in return.  Do it because you want to!!!! Don't expect others to do the same.  Be the bigger person.  I often find myself being hurt by others simple because I expect so much of them.  I expect to be loved back as much as I have loved them, or I expect to be cared for as much as I have cared about them or I expect them to acknowledge things as much as I have acknowledged them.  But really what I have realized is that my expectations of others are often higher and my love for others often exceeds their love for me.  And you know, that's ok, cause that is who I am and that will never change.  So expecting less from others will be something I don't ever accept, but I will learn to live with it.  I will learn to remember my mothers wise words and remember the person she was and that is who I will strive to be.  Expect less from others but not myself!  I cannot change other people, nor can I control them, but I can be a keeper of myself and that I can be good at and expect more from.

So I guess Simple is not always what it seems.  Life is not simple by any means, but life can be so wonderful and so less stressful if we allow ourselves to actually just live it.  Life is too short to do anything else but love it, enjoy it, treasure it, conquer it, challenge it, experience it, laugh at it, cry at it and simply live each day of it, simple or not!

Have a wonderful Friday everyone!!!

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